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You need to register for your invitation and show it, either printed or on your phone, at the entrance to each studio.


Both domestic and foreign professionals may request information to take part in the guest programme and/or the Tabacalera event by sending us an e-mail.

During the festival, a program for the encouragement and promotion of contemporary art collectionism in Spain is carried out. ​

The festival develops a specific program of personal invitations to collectors, and its goal is to contribute to the formation and encouragement of private collectionism, as well as to be a new way of developing the network of contemporary art in Spain.


This program tries to contribute to the initiation of new buyers of artwork and to establish and stabilize sustainable collectionism. It is also unequivocal support for galleries and artists without representation for the commercialization of their work. ​


During Open Studio Madrid, if the artist has commercial representation purchases are carried out through their representative gallery. If the artist does not have representation, purchases are made directly with the artist.


Open Studio does not participate in any way in such purchases.

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