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OPEN STUDIO y la FUNDACIÓN BANCO SANTANDER convocan por sexto año consecutivo

el Premio a la Producción Artística Fundación Banco Santander, dirigido a promover la creación artística entre los jóvenes artistas españoles.


For the fourth consecutive year, ArteLateral and Open Studio rejoined forces to award five prizes for artistic creation. The awards, which are endowed with €1,500 gross each, also give winners the opportunity to present their proposals in five of Lateral’s venues located in Madrid (Arturo Soria, 126; Doctor Fleming, 44; Fuencarral, 43; Velázquez, 57; and Plaza de Santa Ana, 12).

ArteLateral and Open Studio have come together to create an award to help fulfil one of its main objectives: the artistic training and education of new audiences by reinforcing cultural networks, a shared goal that has materialised in the creation of this award. Open Studio shows the public the artist’s work in his or her studio, and ArteLateral exhibits it in an unusual venue for the exhibition of contemporary works.

All the guest artists have taken part in a previous edition of Open Studio Madrid.


The projects – which are site-specific – will be on display from early December until early February 2019.




The winners of this fourth edition are:

Ana de Fontecha, Elena Jiménez, Miguel Marina, SomosNosotros y Valeria Maculan.

Winners of the 1st Edition:

Tamara Arroyo 
Alejandro Bombín
Eduardo Nave
Paula Rubio Infante

Winners of the 2nd Edition:

Juan Baraja
Paloma Gámez
Rafa Munárriz
Daniel Vega Borrego

Winners of the 3rd Edition:

Elvira Amor
Mar Cubero
Sergio Domínguez Loeda



In Lateral Santa Ana

Ensayo. construcción – pliegue, 2018. Cardboard. 71 x 51 cm

The places that define us are built from standard forms and materials that subject us to structures contained in language itself. It is the environments we move in that condition how we approach space: our movements follow choreographies in which memory is the constructive element on which we situate reality.


Elena Jiménez

In Lateral Arturo Soria

SCRAPS CMYK. Color y medidas Variables

Scraps CMYK talks about identity, representation and communication based on the elements composing a domesticated urban environment. The images taken over by the artist for her work were made with printed materials previously used by cultural spaces to publicise their events and exhibitions. The proposal Color y medidas variables comprises a number of collages, digital prints and lithographs made up of plastic and thermal printing materials. The work forms a mural, a messy piece of patchwork, like street walls, intended for display in closed spaces. It brings together the information from the texts of the catalogues and exhibitions with the images depicted by characters and their looks from the posters to the large advertising banners.


Miguel Marina

In Lateral Fuencarral

Untitled (M.G.22), 2017. Oil on paper. 59.5 x 44.5 cm

“The Poyejali! project is composed of a number of works in which the artist Miguel Marina expands and elevates landscapes, the subject matter of his paintings, while simplifying them from a morphological and chromatic point of view. This filtering is the result of the Madrid-born artist’s approach to theories and images obtained from exploring the cosmos, a non-place whose vastness appeals to human curiosity and which gives rise to great fascination due to our lack of knowledge about it. In this series of works in oil on very thin paper, Marina supports the fragility of this medium against the rigidity of fabric. He uses it to convey images of space such as the Einstein Cross, refining lines and shapes as a language and following steps of imitation that transform the drawing into folds. This system in turn acts as a navigation chart, a roadmap that uses as a metaphor the same space distortion process exerted by gravity in the German physicist’s theory, making his works slightly three-dimensional.”

Ana Area Martínez


​S-N SomosNosotros

In Lateral Velázquez

Climbing worker. Pigmented cement pieces, ceramic glaze, variable dimensions (approximately 15 x 15 x 3 cm per piece). Plywood structure, 52 x 39 x 35 cm.

Climbing worker is the result of the wish to blur the line between art work (work) and work carried out for financial remuneration (labour). While one of the members of SN carries out manual work shaping food in a Tex Mex restaurant’s post-Fordist chain for remuneration under an indefinite contract, the other member works with his or her hands in the artist’s studio, chain-producing a number of sculptures based on the same items – nachos (tortilla chips) and burritos – with the aim of extrapolating this remuneration to the symbolic field of art. SN did this work on the same days and at the same time for a month, resulting in a total of 22 pieces.


Valeria Maculan

In Lateral Doctor Fleming​

TORRES AMBULANTES project, 2012. LANDSCAPE No. 1. Acrylic paint on paper. 70 x 100 cm


Walls are doors. They are the only ones that remain in this world, looking out the window or through the magical eye of a door. Being a traveller means going from one place to another, capturing, removing and fragmenting reality, overstepping the layers of urban construction, the constructions of the mind. It means walking around, taking steps between that which is visible and that which is concealed, creating new layers of paint, thoughts, fabric, new layers of meaning that give rise to works of art, layers of energy that create its aura.