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The Selection Committee and the Advisor, are formed by Institutions  and personalities of recognized prestige from the different sectors that make up the contemporary art scene in Spain.

 OPEN STUDIO Madrid Festival

OPEN STUDIO Madrid is an annual festival in which more than 100 artists selected by a professional committee take part to open the doors of their studios to everyone interested in current art.

A festival that brings together studios, artistic residences and independent spaces, as well as a specific program for professionals and collectors, both national and international.

Open Studio Madrid is an annual festival in which a selection of studios open their doors to both the public and to national and international professionals and collectors that share an interest in contemporary art. 


So far, five editions of Open Studio have been held in Madrid: in October 2012, May 2013, May 2014, October 2015 and February 2018. Over 42,500 people have visited the studios in previous editions.


A total of 161 studios (25 to 35 per year), located in 15 of Madrid’s districts, were selected. This promotes the decentralization of culture and the direct involvement of residents of the city’s neighborhoods, some of which are on the outskirts. 

510 artists (80 to 100 per year) of different ages and nationalities took part, 60% of them with no commercial representation. As a result of their participation in Open Studio Madrid, many of them have obtained commercial representation and been able to display their work in national and international art centres, sell some of their artwork and make new professional contacts.

Consult the participating artists of previous editions: https://www.

Since its 5th edition, Open Studio Madrid has been focusing on contemporary Latin American artists, some of them residing in Spain and others being invited to the studios. The objective is the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The “ABIERTO-ABIERTO” residency for artistic exchange between Mexico and Spain was also launched, and the Cuba-Morocco Exchange developed  by AECID was launched on the 6th edition.

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